1 x A4 Used Car Sales Invoice Pad, 1 x A4 Used Car Purchase Pad &1x A5 Deposit Pad

Used Car Sales Invoice Pad

- 100 page two part duplicate invoice pad
- Contains front cover insert and all relevant details, i.e. part exchange, mileage disclaimer & VAT for your commercial vehicles.
- Size 210 x 297mm (A4)

Used Car Purchase Pad

- 100 page 2 part duplicate purchase pad
- With front cover insert, includes relevant details for buying your vehicle i.e. bought buy, sold by, particulars of car, declaration by the buyer and declaration by the seller
- Size 210 x 297mm (A4)

Deposit Pad

- 100 page 2 part duplicate deposit book
- Includes relevant details for you to fill in i.e. vehicle details, name and address of buyer etc.
- Size 148 x 210mm (A5)

Used Car Invoice Pad, Purchase Pad & Deposit Pad