• Sanitises and Washes at the same time. Great product for food carrying vehicals and other areas that need to be throughly cleaned.
  • REMOVES DIRT AND GRIME WITH EASE - Our Ultimate Traffic Film Remover is the perfect solution for those looking to remove bugs, brake dust, tar, or any other stubborn contaminants. As an industrial chemical supplier all our products have been used by 1000's of people from individuals to fleets of lorries for over 25 years. Do you want a TFR you can rely on.
  • 5 X MORE POWERFUL THAN OUR COMPETITORS - Tested by 1000's of our existing customers this formula helps to keep 1000's of industrial vehicles clean all over the country. Our Products are 5 times more concentrated than our competitors which is why we are the leaders in chemical cleaning technology in the UK.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - It doesn't just work on paintwork! It Works extremely well, lasts a long time, save on wheel cleaner because it works extremely well on alloys too. Use it in the engine compartment, sills and door checks. The essential garage accessorise.
  • SOME OF OUR REVIEWS - 'The best ever company With high quality �����', 'Fantastic products. They keep my truck very shiny.', Top notch customer service, quality products at cheap prices, Would recommend to everyone.''


Traffic Fim Remover - TFR Germicidal (2.5L)




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