Pink Dashboard Sheen 1L ,Showroom Magic 1L & Plastic Bumper Gel 1L

Pink Dashboard Sheen
- Water based product for the protection of plastic and vinyl
- This product is specifically designed to leave a more natural matte sheen finish to all interior surfaces leaving a cherry scent
- More importantly it doesn't leave surfaces sticky and tacky
- Easy to use just spray on and then wipe off

Showroom Magic
- Easy to apply. Apply with a clean cloth then buff with another cloth
- For best results wash your vehicle first
- Perfect for cleaning cars, bikes, caravans, boats and motorbikes
- Cleans, shines and protects all in one
- Can be used on all the car exterior
- Fantastic on glass and plastic trim
- Little is more with this product
- No streaks, smears or water spots

Plastic Bumper Gel
-It will make dull looking bumpers look new
- Very economical, a little goes a long way
- Easy to apply, apply with small sponge then wipe off

Pink Sheen, Showroom Magic & Plastic Bumper Gel 1L