Pink Dashboard Sheen 1L ,PDI Pink Car Polish 1L & Plastic Bumper Gel 1L

Pink Dashboard Sheen
- Water based product for the protection of plastic and vinyl
- This product is specifically designed to leave a more natural matte sheen finish to all interior surfaces
- More importantly it doesn't leave surfaces sticky and tacky
- Just a very natural new car look finish with a cherry scent
- Easy to use just spray on and then wipe off

PDI Pink Polish
- Also known as Pre- Delivery Inspection Polish
- Suitable for new and old vehicles
- It's a high performance polish using a blend of waxes
- For a high performance gloss finish
- Very easy to use, apply to the surface and buff

Plastic Bumper Gel
- Easy to use flip top lid
- Very economical
- Easy to apply, for best results apply with small sponge then wipe off any excess
- It will make dull looking bumpers look brand new
- Its the only product you will need to professionally dress your car bumpers and exterior plastics

Pink Sheen & PDI Polish & Plastic Bumper Gel 1L