Pear Drop Air Freshener 5L & Traffic Film Remover 5L


Pear Drop Air Freshener

  • A sweet, powerful pleasant smelling product that can be used for a variety of purposes

  • Easy to use. 

  • Provides a strong, long lasting alternative to bad smells

  • Very economical and versatile

  • Simply spray the mist into the air for a refreshing smell

  • Great to spray on upholstery before hovering cars/ caravans and van


Traffic Film Remover

  • This product is specifically formulated to remove road film/ grease

  • It's very effective on brake dust 

  • Superb as an engine degreaser/ cleaner

  • Highly effective with hot/ cold water application

  • Streak free finish

Pear Drop Air Freshener 5L & TFR Traffic Film Remover 5L