Glass, Mirror & Shower Screen Cleaner 1L & Tar and Glue Remover 500ml


Glass Cleaner

  • Superb glass cleaner which is easy to apply

  • Spray on then wipe off for a clean smear free sparkling windows/glass

  • Ideal for mirrors, windows, glass and shower screens

  • Unlike any other glass cleaner

  • Not only cleans your windows but leaves a great shine as well

Tar and Glue Remover

  • Easy to apply with great results

  • Fantastic on removing tar from paintwork and carpets

  • Removes glue, stickers and other adhesives

  • For best results spray or wipe onto affected area and leave a few minutes to soak and then wipe it off

Glass, Mirror & Shower Screen Cleaner 1L & Tar and Glue Remover 500ml