Pear Drop Air Freshener/ Re Odouriser 5 Litres & Glass Cleaner 1L


Pear Drop Air Freshener

  • A sweet smelling product that can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Easy to use

  • Very economical and versatile

  • Great to spray on upholstery before hovering cars/ caravans and vans

  • Or simply spray the mist into the air for a refreshing smell

Glass Cleaner

  • Superb glass cleaner which is easy to apply

  • Spray on then wipe off for a clean smear free sparkling windows/glass

  • Ideal for mirrors, windows, glass and shower screens

  • Unlike any other glass cleaner

  • Not only cleans your windows but leaves a great shine as well

Car Air Freshener Pear Drop 5 Litres & Glass Cleaner 1L