Bubble gum Air Freshener 5L & Super Clean With Lemon 5L

Bubblegum Air Freshener
- A sweet smelling product that can be used for a variety of purposes.
- Easy to use
- Very economical and versatile
- Great to spray on upholstery before hovering cars/ caravans and vans
- Or simply spray the mist into the air for a refreshing smell
- Superclean With Lemon
- This is a heavy duty multi surface cleaner
- Excellent for cleaning car linings, dashboards or plastic trims
- Refreshing lemon fragrance
- Can be used in a spray bottle or alternatively in a full valeting machine to remove grease and stubborn marks
- Easy to apply, spray on and wipe away with a clean cloth

Air Freshener Bubblegum & Hard Surface Cleaner 5L